After we unravel and dissect our past, what comes next? My first solo show ‘Awakening’ was processing healing from trauma and loss. After working through many of those issues, I discovered a new responsibility of maintenance and making every day the best I can.

When Lucas Beaufort invited me to participate in the very first ‘Hotel Palms Art Camp’ I didn’t quite know what to expect. The camp featured 10 artists, all living and working side-by-side at the beautiful Hotel Palms. The goal of the camp was to create new work during the week, but also to enjoy each other and our tranquil surroundings. We were encouraged to work slowly, and truly enjoy the process. Coming off of weeks of travel and constant work, it was nearly impossible for me to think this way and hesitantly followed the lead of others.

Throughout the week I found myself constantly reminded of true love for creating, and the therapeutic nature of making work was continuously flooding over me. During this time, the idea for this show was born. A chance to examine ways of my relationship with painting and “taking it easy”. Not every brush stroke has to be profound, just as every day doesn’t have to bring with it some kind of emotional breakthrough.

‘Tranquility’ is an exploration in slowing down and seeking balance. - WOLFDOG (@wolfdoglives)



About The Artist

Ash “WOLFDOG” Hayner

From a young age, Atlanta-based Ash Hayner has been a visual artist. Hayner, who goes by the moniker Wolfdog, began his career as a graphic designer, and has progressively distilled his visual language to the bare necessities of color, line, form, value and texture, crafting images that merge the fundamental characteristics of expressionism with his personal interpretation of technological layering. An accomplished designer, fine artist, and muralist, Hayner has been rapidly establishing his presence in the industry. His works have been featured among notable galleries and festivals both internationally and within the United States.


Event Schedule

Thursday, April 27th : Night of Music featuring Brainstory and Art Release by Wolfdog / 6-10 PM

Friday , April 28th : Side Yard Cookout / Belmar BBQ x Subcultured featuring White Oak Pastures grass fed ground beef burgers / Wall Mural by Wolfdog

Saturday : Hotel Palms Art Gallery open / Show Pigeon Coffee 8am-1pm

Sunday : Hotel Palms Art Gallery open / Show Pigeon Coffee 8am-1pm


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